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Seconds Sale Mystery Box

Seconds Sale Mystery Box

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Cards, Prints, Scarves, and so much more! 

Looking for a little surprise to brighten your day? This mystery box is full of surprises and a great way to treat yourself just a little. 

The items included in this box are "seconds" items. Meaning that while these items are in like new condition they do have some imperfections or may be discontinued designs.

Misprints may have a slight blurring in section, small misprint ink dots, or a print on the reverse. These prints are discounted due to the imperfections but are great if you don't mind a little less than perfect piece.

*Please note all major misprints are recycled and are not included in the listing. Misprints offered for sale are still in good condition, just a little less perfect.*



- Pick your price from the drop down box

- Upon check out if you'd like to leave any information such as your zodiac sign, your favorite design, what state you're from, etc go ahead! This will help just a little in picking out some personalized items for you.

- Let us handle the rest! After receiving your order we will pick out items we think will best suit you. Package them up and send them your way to you.